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Fastransit's trip to the NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas was perfect

NBAA-BACE (NBAA Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition) concluded with perfect ending on OCT. 12th. Fastransit Aviation Service has taken part in this magnificent event with spirited appearance. NBAA-BACE is one of the largest dedicated business aviation event in the world. The event is about growing business aviation in China and around the world. They are building the safety and professionalism of the industry. Fastransit not only caught up with old friends but also got to know new friends with each other. NBAA- BACE was able to help Fastransit connect people and companies around the world and helped foster trade and create commerce.

In 2017, Fastransit continues leading the ground handling service in China, in order to provide a full range of professional services for each client. During NBAA-BACE, dozens of clients all over the world came and discussed cooperation with Fastransit, which has contributed to a mutual-beneficial cooperation pattern with aircraft manufacturers, operators.

Fastransit global service step into a new level, to provide more professional, efficient and comprehensive ground handling services for all clients. We sincerely expect the business aviation in sider among countries would give advice and opinions to promote the development of new business and whole industry. Meanwhile Fastransit will continues contributing ourselves in this prosperous industry. Thank you for your all active participation in NBAA-BACE, we look forward to meeting you in Orlando next year.

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